Please note that the minimum group size for the Leith Whisky Trail is 4 people
and booking is via prior arrangement. Please allow at least 48 hours advance notice.


Take a sip down Memory Lane and learn all about the history of the brokers, blenders and bonders who were resident in what was once a thriving whisky district.

Leith was once the home to approximately 100 bonded warehouses. Some were owned by big names in the Scotch whisky industry; many have since disappeared but a few still remain today. Others were owned by smaller, but no less important, Scotch whisky merchants.

Our route will take us around Leith, down the little side streets focusing on these buildings; all of which have wonderful stories to tell you about Leith's whisky past.


At the end of the tour, you'll enjoy four whiskies - usually from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s but some have been 'older' - which have been carefully selected to illustrate Leith's wonderful whisky heritage.

Each tour route is designed to link to the four whiskies which have been sourced specifically for the Leith Whisky Trail. A real taste of liquid history!

Each walking tour will last approximately 60 minutes and the whisky tasting afterwards will also last at least 60 minutes. We say 'at least' because experience has taught us that most folk like to stay and chat for much longer afterwards!

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