Our themed whisky tastings take place regularly in Edinburgh and our drams always speak for themselves.
We taste single malts, blends, grain whisky… and whiskey; we don’t limit ourselves just to Scotland. There’s no whisky snobbery here. Just a relaxed environment to enjoy some delicious drams with people who, if not your friends when you start, will be by the time you leave.
As well as the drams, I’ll provide the knowledge, enthusiasm and banter but by dram number four, I’ll probably struggle to get a word in…
Join us at an upcoming event; you’ll receive the warmest of welcomes at our whisky tastings!

Calling all actual or potential whisky lovers! Do you already consider yourself to be a connoisseur? Or would you simply like to learn more about the water of life? If the answer to either of those questions is ‘yes’, this is the group for you!
Whether we meet up in a local whisky bar for drinks, attend tastings (some of which I’ll host) and festivals, visit distilleries or get together for ‘bring and share a bottle’ nights, the emphasis is on enjoying good company over a few drams.