That Boutiquey Dram Good Club

Being fortunate enough to live in Edinburgh (well, Leith to be precise), I’m only a stone’s throw away from a pub with a decent whisky selection, a short walk to a Tesco with plenty of core range bottles to choose from, a short bus ride away from some fantastic whisky shops and an easy drive to plenty of nearby distilleries. It’s on this basis that whisky subscription boxes have never really appealed to me. However, I appreciate that’s not the case for everyone. I imagine that if I were living somewhere with fewer whisky options, I would look at them differently.

For someone starting out on their whisky journey, these subscription boxes could work out well for them. The idea of ‘try before you buy’ makes perfect sense – nobody wants to spend money on a full bottle of whisky to then realise they don’t like it. Personally, I wasn’t so keen on someone choosing my drams for me; making the choice myself was, and sometimes still is, part of the journey. Now, though, I appreciate others’ recommendations, exchanging whisky samples and heading to blind tastings and such ‘guidance’ is always welcome.

Boutiquey Dram Good Club

The contents of this Boutiquey Dram Good Club box surprised me. Only one of the drams was from Scotland. There was whisky here from a distillery I’d never heard of (Säntis) and one I’d heard of, never tried but which has been on my radar for absolutely ages (Three Ships). Oh, and there was also rum. So the sense of discovery, which I’ve always thought these kind of boxes couldn’t offer me, was definitely here.

The full lineup was:

Säntis 10 Year Old – Batch 1 – Single Malt Whisky – 51.4%

Santis single malt whisky

Heaven Hill 9 Year Old – Batch 1 – Straight Corn Whiskey – 49.5%

Heaven Hill Whiskey

Three Ships 6 Year Old – Batch 1 – Single Malt Whisky – 53.7%

Teaninich 19 Year Old – Batch 1 – Single Malt Scotch Whisky – 48.6%

Boutiquey Dram Good Club

Caroni 20 Year Old – Batch 1 – Traditional Column Rum – 53.7%

Caroni Rum

I’m not posting tasting notes for each one here as a) I think it’d make for tedious reading and b) I didn’t actually write any at the time. On this occasion, it was more about the enjoyment of, rather than the analysis of, a few drams.

Three Ships stood out for me as absolutely wonderful; I really enjoyed this. Säntis was good but seemed to be more about the cask than the spirit. The Teaninich and Heaven Hill were also excellent as was the Caroni – and I’m not a rum drinker!

Overall, I enjoyed each dram and each one had something new to offer which isn’t something I would have expected. Sometimes, I’m happy to be proved wrong.

Many thanks to the folk at Atom Brands for sending me this. Once I have a link to the Boutiquey Dram Good Club, I’ll update this post so you can take a wee nosey for yourself. In the meantime, the above links* are for 50cl bottles if you’d like more information on each whisky / rum.

* just to be transparent, these links are also commission based.





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