The Pattison Crash

The Story Of One Of The Biggest Scandals In The History Of The Scotch Whisky Industry

During my research for the Leith Whisky Trail, I came across the famous - or infamous - Pattisons Ltd.

The Pattisons' business was, in fact, immense and its collapse at the end of the 1800s really did change the landscape of Scotch whisky.
However, the story of the Pattisons as people is equally, if not even more, enthralling.

During the various lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, my interest in the Pattisons grew from genuine enthusiasm into outright obsession! To the point where I traced their entire family tree; tracking down and meeting with some of their relatives. The wealth of information provided by them has led me to collate this into a book.

This is by no means an easy task; both the business and the family relationships form an enormous, intricate web. It's one that's unravelling slowly but I aim to have the first draft of the book ready before the end of 2022. Watch this space!


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