Highland Park Valkyrie

Dark Origins. A non-age statement whisky from Highland Park which I bought in October 2014 for £62.99. In my humble opinion, this is an excellent whisky and, reluctant as I am to see it finished for good, there are still a couple of drams left in the bottle.

I was recently given a sample of Valkyrie by Whisky Rover; another non-age statement whisky from Highland Park which, when released, also retailed around the £60 mark.

After Jason’s online antics of pouring the contents down the toilet and smashing the bottle with a hammer, I would have loved to have been able to sing Valkyrie’s praises. If for no other reason than to wind him up. Unfortunately, I can’t. Some may enjoy Valkyrie as much as I love Dark Origins but for me, it’s a really disappointing whisky.

Highland Park Valkyrie (NAS) – 45.9%

Nose: my initial thoughts are that there is quite a bit of young whisky here; gristy and harsh at first; hints of nail varnish remover; some fruit starts to emerge after a while – red apple and lemon; toffee notes in the background; after a while the harshness subsides and more fruit notes emerge – hints of strawberries; gas!; there’s an underlying smell throughout that I can only relate to the smell of a damp wax jacket.

Palate: much spicier than the nose suggests; dark chocolate; hints of ginger; malty; subtle tobacco; slight smoke; becomes more dry and bitter into the finish.

Highland Park Valkyrie

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