Deanston 20 yrs Port Wood Finish

Deanston Port Wood Finish – 20 years – 54.2% abv

Matured in ex-bourbon casks for 16 years and, then, matured for a further 4 years in port wood, here are my thoughts on this distillery exclusive from Deanston:

Nose: apples; Calvados; there’s something quite sharp, a bit like cider vinegar; a hint of oak; pineapple juice; marmalade; after a while, when left to open up, there are damp cloth aromas and hints of foam strawberry sweets.

Palate: lovely, thick texture; fruits such as strawberry and blueberry start to emerge; there is an apple undertone which, once again, reminds me of Calvados; it also causes a Tangfastics kind of tingle on the end of my tongue!

With a few drops of water, on the nose, the apple aromas are more subdued but there are reminiscences of damp cellars, old books and Comté cheese. On the palate, the water gives this dram a spicy kick; there is some very subtle tobacco together with coffee cream chocolate; the apple flavours still remain, if a little less forthcoming, and continue well into the finish.

Overall, for me, Deanston Port Wood Finish has a split personality: a mixture of sweet and spice; at times, restrained, and at others, extravagant. Which, of course, makes it all the more interesting.

Thanks to Peter at Deanston for sending me the sample and to Jason aka Whisky Rover for arranging.



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