Teeling 24 years

Teeling Whiskey
This Teeling 24 year old single malt Irish whiskey won World’s Best Whisky at the 2019 World Whiskies Awards recently. I am reliably informed that this is the first time an Irish whiskey has achieved this. The winners of 21 different categories were pitched against one another and Teeling came out on top. It does appear as though some of the categories might have been a tad insubstantial though. For example, Best Egyptian Single Malt. I'd like to know how many different expressions were entered for that. Teeling Distillery opened and started distilling in 2015. A day ...

James Eadie Blair Athol 14

james eadie blair athol whisky
It’s no secret that I have a lot of time for the independent bottler, James Eadie. The first time I tried their whiskies was at the Whisky Fringe last year. A bottling of Auchroisk 9 years as the Half Time Orange proved to be the dram of the day for me. This year, their HTO was a 10 year old Caol Ila finished in a Palo Cortado cask. It was simply stunning and I can’t wait for this to be released. A few months ago, one guest in a group of American tourists who had booked on my Leith Whisky Trail tour, asked me to recommend a bottle of whisky to her. She was looking for ...