Campbeltown Chronicles – Part 3: Scorchio!

whisky tasting
On the third day of the festival, the Wee Toon decided to change its name to… the Costa del Campbeltown. As it was absolutely scorchio, we decided to make the most of the sunshine and walk to Springbank from our cottage. Our tasting wasn’t until 3:30pm so we had plenty of time to head in at a leisurely pace.  Or so we thought… Either Google lied to us or we were walking much slower than we thought. Quite possibly the latter bearing in mind that both Florian and Stefan were wearing lederhosen. Yes… actual lederhosen. Their gait suggested that this attire was not ...

World Whisky Day

glasses of whisky
This year, World Whisky Day falls on 20th May. So, to celebrate, I thought it'd be a great idea to host a tasting the evening before and call it World Whisky Day Eve. This notion wasn't fueled by any attempts to be innovative. Quite simply, I'm a one person business, a mere drop in the ocean of whisky tasting events taking place in Edinburgh and I knew I wouldn't be able to compete with all the others; I just thought I'd try to get in there first.The theme of this World Whisky Day tasting was Drams Under The Hammer. So (you've probably guessed) these whiskies were ...

Whisky and Chocolate

whisky tasting
Well, when I said this Whisky and Chocolate tasting would be 'lively', the good people of Dunfermline did not disappoint!For my first tasting in the Kingdom of Fife, at the Fire Station Creative, the room, previously used as the fire officers' mess, was filled with the aromas of whisky and chocolate.The amazing chocolates from Iain Burnett The Highland Chocolatier were paired as follows:-Balblair 03 with a milk velvet truffle: the chocolate really emphasised the spicy finish in the whisky and the whisky pulled out the creamy / buttery notes from the chocola...